Leander High School Prom 2018

When the weather does not cooperate for outdoor prom portraits you bring them indoors where it is warm! The weather was unusual for this April Saturday with temps topping at 40 degrees and windy! Never fear I have a studio near! We brought the fun indoors and had a nice glamour prom session.

These girls were gorgeous in their formal gowns ready to go have fun and dance the night away.

Prom  Prom


We got a little creative with one of our couples who happen to be best friends. As you can see we recreated the famous American Gothic painting and made what I like to call Prom Gothic! After getting our creative minds working we looked up other images of icons that we could re-create as well. One of the moms came across this photograph of Sara Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick that was stunning. We seated our prom goer Scott in the chair and had the beautiful Haley stand and elegantly drape her dress just like Sara did in the photograph.


Prom Gothic


Another recreation of a photograph of Matthew Broderick and Sara Jessica Parker.




  1. Dianna, thank you so much for taking these incredible prom pictures of our son. We get compliments on how cute they are all the time. You always take fantastic photos. We can’t wait to use you again.

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