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Meet the photographer! |Leander, TX

Photographer, Dianna Schisser

Being a photographer has been a dream of mine since I was a young kid. My father and grandfather were hobbyist photographers, I was always in awe of their ability to capture pictures. My father kept his camera tucked away in a safe place and I always wanted to get my hands on it and see what magic I could create using it. I had a 110 camera and captured anything that sparked my interest. I took photography in college which reinforced my love of the art.

After becoming a mother, I started to focus more on the relationships that I could capture with my camera and my love of family and child photography really started to take shape. My kids are my everything, I could not imagine life without them. The thing about kids is they grow up so fast, that is why it is so important to capture every moment of their youth. We have to remember to take lots of photos, even snapshots of every day so that we have something to look back and remember those days when they were our precious young children.

I am available by appointment only.

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phone (call or text!) 512 588 3499